What is an Electrolysis Generator?

Electrolyzed water is an aqueous solution obtained by electrolyzing tap water or a saline solution. It can be roughly divided into two types: drinking alkaline ionized water containing reduced water (Kangen Water) and electrolyzed water for cleaning and sterilization.

A special device that can generate the electrolyzed water is called an “electrolysis generator”.

The difference is clear! Experiment: Kangen Water vs Tap Water

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What is "Kangen Water" generated by electrolysis?

Kangen Water is water that has been electrolyzed by an approved medical device that is alkalized, delicious, and good for the gastrointestinal tract.


This makes it special!

A lot of hydrogen is generated on the negative electrode side.

This hydrogen has a reducing action (antioxidant property).

On the contrary, oxygen burns things and rusts metals, but it is said that aging also occurs as oxidation progresses.

On the other hand, reduction is the return of oxidized substances to their original state by combining substances and hydrogen.

Kangen Water delivery service

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Make Kangen Water on demand

Enjoy the mellow and delicious taste of Kangen Water at home or at work. You can make water that suits your situation, such as Kangen Water, acidic water, hypochlorous acid water, or purified water.