Body maintenance with Kangen Water.

Water Japan introduces products that improve your life, such as Kangen Water (filtered water with electrolysis) for health and beauty, Frion showerheads that make daily bathing extra pleasurable with ultra-hard ceramic filters, and Harusa Guard, an insect repellent that works by simply wearing it.

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New Products

Kangen Water is amazing! Simple and the best health solution.

Kangen Water (filtered water with electrolysis) is alkalized, tasty, gastrointestinal-friendly water that has been electrolyzed by a controlled medical device.

Rent a water dispenser for free! Improve your lifestyle with a convenient and simple solution

We provide a delivery service of mild and delicious Kangen Water. Cold and hot water is always ready to use, and not having to lug heavy water bottles makes shopping at the supermarket a more comfortable experience. Water dispensers offer many advantages!

Healthy and comfortable living starts with water

For customers who are outside our home delivery service area, or if you want to drink Kangen Water in large quantities, we also have dedicated machines for home and professional environments.
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Do you have a problem with your showerhead? You're not alone!

Weak skin, thinning hair, or you want to feel like you're at the spa in the comfort of your own home. Simply by changing to a shower head equipped with ceramic balls, you can improve a number of problems.

Prevent viral infections with Water Jyokin

Safe sterilizing water Water Jyokin is produced by water specialists. Strongly acidic electrolyzed water that is safe for the human body while excelling in sterilization. It has been widely used in medical institutions for many years.
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