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Water Dispenser Rental & Kangen Water Delivery

NOTE: Okinawa City ONLY

Please note that we only deliver to residents in Okinawa City.

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  • Safe and convenient to use hot water at any time
  • Lightweight bottle that is easy to store and replace
  • Installation and rental fees are included

Basic Conditions

  • Payment Course: ¥1,620 for 2 bottles (3 gallons each) * We deliver above three floors if there’s an elevator onsite
  • Payment Method: Pay on delivery (Japanese yen or PayPay app)
  • Kangen Water Delivery Method: Delivery by truck
    Additional bottle orders start from 2 bottles at ¥810 each. In-store pickup is ¥432 yen each (no minimum).

Water Dispenser Rental Contract for Kangen Water Delivery Service

  1. I will borrow one water server from Water Japan for free and pay the basic fee for two bottles every month.
  2. In addition, I will incur a monthly basic charge even if there is no order for no special reason or if the number of bottles in the contract is not reached.

The term of the lease agreement will be based on mutual agreement and will be used continuously for a minimum of 6 months.

I will pay Water Japan in exchange for the goods.

Water Japan will carry out all repairs of rental properties and improvements required by amendments to laws and regulations after the contract at our own expense.

  1. I will use the rented goods in accordance with normal usage guidelines and the advice of Water Japan staff.
  2. If the rented machine or bottles becomes unusable due to improper usage, or if a bottle is lost, I will pay Water Japan for the damages (dispenser replacement fee ¥33,000, bottle replacement fee ¥1620)

You may not sublease the rental property or transfer the lease to another party.

If you have defaulted on your obligations under this agreement (including if you fail to pay the rent even once), or if there is a significant change in your credit such as insolvency, we will require notification. It is possible for Water Japan to cancel this contract and request the retrieval of the rental property.

  1. If you request cancellation, we will promptly withdraw the rental property.
  2. In case of cancellation within 6 months (related to Article 2), Water Japan may request a penalty (cleaning fee ¥5,500) from you. In addition, the monthly fee will not be refunded until the month of cancellation.