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Rapid absorption

The conditions under which water is absorbed into the body:
ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) -250mv

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ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) is an index that indicates whether a substance is in a state where it is easy to oxidize or reduce other substances.

For example, if you drink tap water of ORP +550mv, it will be reduced by the hydrogen ions generated in your body and the potential (ORP) will be gradually lowered. In the stomach, when ORP +l50mv is reached, it moves from the stomach to the duodenum, when it reaches ORP -50mv, it moves further to the small intestine, and when it reaches the cecum, it becomes almost ORP -200mv, and when it reaches the large intestine, it becomes ORP -250mv in the body (within blood).

Since the reduced water is consumed in the state of ORP -250mv, it is much better absorbed than sports drinks (ORP +200mv) or tap water (ORP +550mv). Despite being hydrated in midsummer, dehydration and heat stroke occur because the ORP is hydrated with +.

Start and end your day with Kangen Water

Drinking Kangen Water shortly after awakening and before going to bed can reduce the risk of heat stroke, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, etc.

Health problems due to inadequate water intake in the body should be taken seriously. Diligent hydration is effective in preventing health problems and accidents caused by dehydration such as heat stroke by children young adults, cerebral infarction that occurs frequently in middle-aged and elderly people, and myocardial infarction.

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Detoxification and discharge

Thoroughly cleans the inside of the body and has the ability to dissolve oil.

When drinking plenty of Kangen Water, the excess is discharged along with toxins. In addition, Kangen Water is expected to have the effect of reducing cholesterol levels and triglycerides in the blood.

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Alkaline water that is gentle to the body

Even acidic liquor becomes alkalized when mixed with Kangen Water!

Acidic foods such as alcohol, fried foods, and oils put stress and strain on the stomach. Kangen Water is effective in improving gastrointestinal symptoms, and its effectiveness is recognized by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. When consuming the gentle Kangen Water, can align your body to be alkalized instead of acidic.

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Japan's tap water is the highest standard in the world

Tap water in Japan has a chlorine concentration far exceeding the WHO standard, and is basically controlled so that there is no E. coli. Very few countries have tap water that is safe to drink. However, it has become a problem that water, in which bacteria cannot live, also damages our bodies.

Body maintenance with Kangen Water, miraculous water is hard water

Hardness is a numerical value of the amount of calcium and magnesium contained in water. Water with a hardness of 100 or less is soft water, and water with a hardness higher than 100 is hard water. It is said that calcium and magnesium are most absorbed by the body when they are dissolved in water. Consume before calcium and magnesium settle and become cloudy.

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Body maintenance with
Kangen Water

More about Kangen Water

Do you prefer tea or water?

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Drink raw water, not water content

Even if you think you are hydrating, if you drink only caffeine-rich drinks such as green tea and coffee, your body will become dehydrated. This is because caffeine has a strong diuretic effect. Also, some people drink beer because they are thirsty, but beer has a diuretic effect, and it is very dangerous because more water is consumed to eliminate toxins generated in the process of decomposing alcohol.

Washing ingredients
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Effectively removes oxides and lye

Kangen Water has excellent “penetration power” that quickly penetrates deep into the material and “extraction power” that brings out the flavor of the material. By washing the ingredients with reduced water, impurities can be removed and the food can be enjoyed deliciously and safely.

Water loading method
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Weight control without losing basic physical strength

You are already dehydrated when you feel “thirsty” while exercising. It is important to replenish the water lost by exercising in advance, and to consciously and diligently rehydrate during and after exercise before becoming thirsty. Kangen Water absorbs well, does not accumulate in the stomach, and does not reduce performance.

Mini fasting
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Effects of mini fasting
Reset your body with a mini fasting

Do gymnastics in the morning and stretch in the evening about once a week, and drink about 500 ml of Kangen Water every hour. After fasting, please eat a digestive and low-calorie recovery food such as porridge.

Choose your Kangen Water

Kangen Water delivery service

Conveniently drink cold or hot Kangen Water at any time. Free water dispenser rental with monthly subscription!

Make Kangen Water any time

Enjoy the mellow and delicious taste of Kangen Water at home or at work. You can make water that suits your situation, such as reduced water (Kangen Water), acidic water, hypochlorous acid water, or purified water.

Do you have any questions, requests, or concerns regarding Kangen Water? Please feel free to contact us at any time.


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