A life with a water dispenser is one with many benefits

Drink Kangen Water at any time to maintain your health

We are particular about making it easy to drink Kangen Water both at home and at work. When drinking plenty of Kangen Water, toxins are discharged along with the excess water. In addition, Kangen Water is expected to have the effect of reducing cholesterol levels and triglycerides in the blood.

We'll deliver and pick up the heavy water bottles for you

No more trips to the grocery store for water. Our delivery staff will deliver water for you, and if you're not available, just instruct us on where to leave them. We'll simultaneously pick up your empty bottles, so you'll have less chores on your busy schedule.

Cold and hot water at any time

You can use hot water at any time, so your cooking time will be reduced. Customer arrived on short notice? No problem, instantly serve coffee and tea. And of course you can use cold water, which can be a lifesaver during the hot summer months.

Less waste means better for the environment

If you currently buy plastic PET bottles, you know how quickly they add up before trash pickup day. The problem is only exacerbated if you have multiple people. We retrieve and disinfect every bottle, so it means less trash for you, and less energy wasted from recycling.


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Are you tired of carrying heavy bottles of water?

With our water delivery service, you can have water any time with a water dispenser at home or your office. You’ll be freed from carrying water, leading to a more comfortable shopping experience.

Furthermore, we use smaller 3 gallon water bottles that are easier to change.

Use cold and hot water at any time.

Whether you’re preparing warm baby’s milk, instant noodles, or hot sake, it’s a quick affair with a water dispenser. Having access to cold water during summer is also a great way to prevent heatstroke.

A child lock is included, so accidents are minimized for a peace of mind.

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Our focus on Kangen Water

Keeping yourself hydrated with Kangen Water reduces the risk of gastrointestinal symptoms, and it’s also a refreshing way to reduce the risk of heatstroke and transmissible diseases. At home or work, we strive to deliver Kangen Water as easily as possible.

Not only is it safe, but Kangen Water is also delicious to drink

Government offices, medical institutions, business establishments, and general households. We provide Kangen Water to a variety of locations.

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About the Water Dispenser

An understated design that doesn’t dictate a location. Since it’s also easy to use, the dispenser is appropriate for both home and office locations. The hot water temperature is well-suited for coffee and tea.


Ready to start your water dispenser journey?