Water Jyokin: Hypochlorite Water (Disinfectant)


Are you looking for a safer disinfectant?

Water Jyokin (translation: Water Disinfection) is safe disinfectant water made by a company specializing in water. It’s hypochlorous water that is safe for the human body while being excellent in sterilization. It has been used in medical institutions for many years!

Since it is manufactured right in our storefront, we can also handle large orders such as sprays, refill bottles, 20 liters for refills (with faucet), etc. Just ask!

Benefits of Water Jyokin


Water Jyokin is gentle on the skin, has no irritating odor, and can even be used for oral care. It can be used with confidence even in households with small children and pets.

Unlike alcohol, hypochlorite water is not volatile or flammable, and has been approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a food additive, and its safety has been verified.



Water Jyokin is hypochlorite water, and its main component is “hypochlorous acid water,” produced by electrolyzing water with salt.

It has been confirmed that SARS, norovirus, O157, etc., which are resistant to alcohol and have a difficult disinfecting effect, are also inactivated, and can be expected to prevent novel coronavirus infection.

Quick disinfection and deodorization of bacteria, viruses and odors

Water Jyokin demonstrates high sterilization and deodorizing effects. It’s also effective against viruses and bacteria that is ineffective with alcohol-based disinfectants. It is possible to remove almost all viruses, bacteria, fungi, pollen, and the source of odor.

Water Jyokin can be shipped anywhere in Japan.

Ships Free for orders over ¥5,000.

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